Thursday, July 26, 2012

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 2

Candy Couture was the 2nd challenge on Project Runway. The designers were presented with their first innovation challenge, to make a dress out of Dylan's Candy Bar candies, and Dylan, just happens to be Ralph Lauren's daughter.

So here we go!

Coming in first place this week is Ven Budhu. Ven got kudos for his use of on trend pastels and sleek design pattern. I liked it, his dress definitely had a real artistic feel to it. Big props to Ven's use of the a-symmetrical belt design, love it.

Coming in 2nd is Songia Williams. I really loved her fish bib and the blue palette thru out her dress, her dress looked really fun.

Now this is who I thought should have made top 3, Fabio Kosta. I loved the textile he created, I really thought he used the blue palette a lot better then Songia.

I was really worried for Kooan Kosuke this week just because I love his personality. Knowing his design aesthetic is so out there you know his days are numbered but for now what I love about Kooan's dress is that it has a real ethnic feel to it, he really does take the use of color to a whole new level.

Here are my honorable mentions, I thought Melissa Fleis licorice skirt was a knock out, if she would have her top less symmetrical, I would have loved it more.

Buffi Jashanmal almost when home this week because her model looked like Candy Girl from hell, not really. The woven bustier is where she should have kept going, instead of adding the shirt, she should have kept weaving the candy into a mini woven dress.

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