Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Heart is Full

I recently asked my facebook friends, "for all my friends that I've met in this life, what is your best memory of me" ?

Heres what they said:

1) Evangeline Kissoon - Ur ability to pull me out of my comfort zone!

2) Briana Darlene - Walking Lake Merritt & eating at Ahn's burger. Lol! And when we went to Great America! :)

3) Brandt Teran - At Sipi when u always acting like u were setting but the ball was no where near you..made me laff u were a character.

4) Natasha EagleStar - Volleyball #10 setup!

5) Lydia Roach - Your hooker strut in shorts in the middle of the winter. Luv U!!

6) Corianna Honena - When I was a child and I meet you at Haskell, when my auntie Holly went there and we was at a dinner and a dog licked you and u screamed all loud and than you give me your Barbie doll. Lol

7) Kathy Peltier - When we were in Jenn's room and we went to the gazebo and hrs later you walked me back to the church and you made sure I didn't mess up my hair. You were such a gentleman :)

8) Elisa M. Suminimo - Going to Kingman with you and Ian. We had lots of laughs to and from. Oh yeah, dinner at El Palacio was a blast as well.

9) Anneka Osife - U playin volleyball @ da gym @ SIHS.:)

10) Karen Corbett - Your Orgasm. Let me know if you need my help again. You're the best.

11) Darlana White - your big brown glasses, blue shorts and white long shirt...oh and who could forget your ponytail :)

12) Kevin Nez - Your Great America video. Dancing hella hard to Bobby Browns My Perogative.

13) Mauro Moura - You scaring the shit out me at Market St. with that big hug Lmao.

14) Valerie Neunsinger - Chemistry class when we use to pass notes even though we sat next to each other lol...u always made me laugh with ur jokes :) Love ya Charlie.

15) Wesley Walker - The airplane move you did at the Bench & Bar... twirl

16) Judy Lujan - Talking to you at the Pow Wow Comedy Jam at Sac State after the show.

17) Michelle Le Brun - One of your psychic readings.

18) Stuart Campau - Your humbleness and lack of egotism..choke choke...

OMG, thank you guys so much, if I die tomorrow I'll know that I have lived a good life.


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