Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why I love White people

I crack on White people a lot in my jokes because it's fun but more importantly, I don't want anyone to think I'm a racist so now it's time for me to balance Universe by telling everyone:

Why I love White people

1) White people are always on time.

2) White people are masters at making everything efficient, gotta give it to you guys on that one, shit gets done with you guys.

3) Thank you White people for inventing electricity, who else would try to capture lightning with a key and kite.

4) White people are fun to watch when you dance. ie. Footloose - starring Kevin Bacon.

5) White people make great friends for job or loan references.

6) White people are adventurous - jumping out've a plane several thousand feet in the air with a parachute, c'mon, who does that?

7) I always feel safer when White people move into my neighborhood.

8) When White people borrow money, they pay you back.

9) White people always the first respondants on the scene of an accident, regardless if there in it or not.

10) White people love role playing in bed. For instance, a wig and foreign acsent goes a long way with them.

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