Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dave Chappelle and Lauryn Hill

Okay, I'm really fucking tired.

I'm still trying to function on just a couple hours of sleep so I'm going to try to get threw this blog.

I played Poker a couple of nights ago and have been trying to catch up on my sleep since.

I was planning on staying in lastnight but when I heard on facebook that the New Parrish announced there was going to be a surprise secret show with Dave Chappelle and Lauryn Hill, I was on it.

Honesly, Dave Chappelle can kiss my fat gay ass and as far as I'm concerned, he was incidental from lastnight. I really wanted to see Lauryn Hill perform live so that's who I went to see.

It was a late show so that meant the doors didn't open until 12:30am and Dave didn't go on stage until 1:30am.

Dave opened the show doing a 30 minute comedy routine. He had some good jokes in there but he mostly riffed off the crowd, the crowd kept throwing him topics like Barry Bonds, how he knows Lauryn Hill, the rumor that he's been dating Oprah and so on...

I'll going to keep my commentary short on Dave Chappelle so I'll do just say this, if you like Dave Chappelle than you'd probably would've liked his jokes, enough said.

Lauryn Hill finally took the stage around 2:30am. Her first couple of songs were from her album: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which is a great album by the way. The whole album is amazing, not just a couple of the song, or most of the songs, but all the songs from that album.

In the middle of her set, she changed gears and hit the crowd with a Bob Marley cover, "Is this Love" .

In the last portion of her set, she covered a lot of the hits from her time with the Fugee's.

She brought the house down with Robert Flack's, "Killing me Softly" .

I really wish she would've sang Roberta's song without the Hip Hop flavor, the uptempo beat really kills the mood of the song.

So that's was my night, other than a few mouthy hood rats trying to bring down everyone else's goodvibe with their negativity, I actually had a good time.


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  1. Completely agree. Lauryn's voice is just plain great. Remove the hip hop and the warbling and you've got yourself a cover that rivals Roberta's version. As it stands, Roberta Flack owns the song. I'd pay money just to hear the vocal-only tracks from Lauryn's version, though. Absolutely love her voice!