Friday, April 22, 2011

Cellphone Freak

This is how you know you're a Cellphone Freak:

1) checked your cellphone while driving.

2) held up a long line because you were busy checking your cellphone messages.

3) talked on the phone while trying to order food.

4) put your cellphone on speaker while you talk.

5) dropped your cellphone on the ground and had to replace it 3 times in the same month.

6) one side of your head has high levels of radiation due to excessive cellphone usage.

7) you're on a family plan and you're the only member.

8) you've tried to use the vibrator ring tone for a personal vibrator.

9) you acted somebody called you on your cellphone when they really didn't.

10) you would absolutely die if you did not have your cellphone.

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