Friday, February 25, 2011


I went to the last sold out Prince concert in Oakland lastnight and it was amazing!

These photo's are courtesy of Clark Russell. Thank You Clark!

Prince is such a talented artist, how many musicians do you know that can play multiple instruments and make it look cool!

This picture was taken when Prince was doing a medley of all the songs he helped write back in the day. He turned around and saw me dancing to Nasty Girl by Vanity 6, he smiled, pointed at me and was like, "oh know you didn't" .

Now trust me when I say I got a front ticket! We were literally 5ft away from the Purple piano. During one of his piano ballets I screamed out, "you're amazing" !!

This man can play the guitar like no other and sing too! His harmonies and melodies are one of a kind!

As I'm posting these, all I can say is wow. I can't believe I was there. *smiles* A friend asked me how I scored front row tickets? I walked up the box office window and asked for the best seat in the house. I paid 250$ for my ticket. Well worth it, way way way way worth it.

Everybody in the building owes me a thank you because when Prince and Sheila.E were going to leave the stage, they looked at our section for an encore demand and ya'll know I wasn't acting too good so I started jumping up and down screaming, "c'mon, c'mon...give us more" !!!

A great silhouette of Prince. Absolutely fabulous!

OMG. Prince is the only man ever to make me cry at a concert. Serious. I was just about to lose it when Prince started to sing, "Nothing Compares to You" . And I had to keep telling myself, "hold it together bitch, hold it together" .

The song I was really waiting for was "Nicki" , and he gave us a taste of that in his piano medley.

Prince is a hard man to catch, he doesn't announce his shows but when he does, get your tickets fast!

It was a pleasure to see this legend perform live!

Prince really is one sexy motherfucka !!


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