Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not Disconnected Anymore

Wow, it's amazing how fast I found my mojo again.

How many people are familiar with Jonathan Swift, he wrote an amazing satirical essay back in 1729 called, "A Modest Proposal", where Swift suggests in his essay that the impoverished Irish might ease their economic troubles by selling children as food for rich gentlemen and ladies. (Wikepedia)

The reason why I mention Jonathan Swift is because right now I'm watching an HBO Comedy Special called, "Out of England 2" , by English comedian Ricky Gervais and Ricky really reminds me of Jonathan Swift, probably because that's where his English humor orginates from. I have to admit, after watching Gervais for the first 20 minutes of his show, he's been able to tackle some pretty controversial topics and still be very well received from what appears to be a non politically correct white audience.

Holy shit, are you kidding me? This comedy taping was filmed in Chicago, Illinois., the same venue where America's Got Talent was taped last year. And if anyone knows the AGT crowd, it's me. The AGT audience is comprised of the most boring, repressed, sour, Brady Bunch, flakey white people ever to gather in the same place at once. So it's amazing to me how a totally different crowd of tolerant white people can fill up the same theater for such an amazing comedian. I really hope this audience is a different crowd otherwise the level of hypocrisy would be ridiculous.

If the nice kind white people of the midwest can tolerate Ricky Gervais and his nail biting humor than the nice kind white people of the midwest can certainly tolerate my faggoty ass dick jokes too.

I changed my mind. I'm going to write the best gay dick jokes in the world!

Thanks for the wake up call Ricky!


p.s and big props to Julie for your nice comment on my previous blog, I didn't see it until after I finished writing this blog and you're right. xoxo

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  1. You're welcome! Still cheering! -Julie
    Also....I wish I could figure out how to connect this to my facebook profile instead of having to go down and select anonymous everytime. Lol